Hi, I'm Piotr.

I'm the creator of over 60 Ruby gems, a spoken languages enthusiast, and a traveller in over 15 countries.
Welcome to my space on the web!

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TTY Toolkit

Terminal apps the easy way.

TTY provides many components for helping a developer build CLI and other terminal applications. If you ever needed to interact with terminal input or output then this library boasts a large set of focused tools to help you get the job done, such as printing out terminal tables, gathering and displaying user input, checking location of executables in system independent way and much more.


Managing complexity of application state.

A Ruby library built to implement minimal final state machine. It doesn’t depend on specific framework integration code. Rather, it leaves it open to the developer as to how the integration is performed. The Finite Machine is also armed with powerful state machine concepts such as transition guards and dynamic conditional branching allowing for modelling logic flows more naturally.

GitHub API

Discover open source.

Built in a modular way, GithubAPI Ruby wrapper provides an easy way to access GitHub API endpoints. You can either instantiate the whole API wrapper or use parts of it. Flexible argument parsing can help you write expressive and natural queries. The results can be easily paginated with convenient DSL. Most importantly it is approved by unicorns, what else could you want?