About Piotr Murach

Hi nosy, fancy knowing more about me?

I'm Piotr, a software engineer who loves thinking about building software that lasts, changes people’s experiences and moves the industry forward. I’m an enthusiastic open source contributor who dreams of changing the world one commit at a time. I’m really digging the Unix philosophy as a way of organising, creating and maintaining complex systems.

My adventure into programming started when I was 14 coding Turbo Pascal on the MS-DOS (1 diskette) operating system using a good old terminal. Around the same time I discovered the wonders of Logo language. Does anyone remember the little turtle drawing lines from its backside?

Then this thing called the web happened and that opened up the world of Apache, PHP, Perl, MySQL and many more.

In my day job my main focus is on developing applications for the web. I'm a curious human being that gets excited about what is possible in the browser. My weapons of choice are Ruby and JavaScript. Through working with talented designers, I’ve also grown to appreciate design and UX. This led me to develop an interest in product development.

Keeping fit has always been part of my lifestyle. Throughout my university years I have enjoyed playing basketball and volleyball.

Nowadays, I believe that ‘Arnie’ is looking over my shoulder when I’m pumping iron in the gym and softly whispering into my ear "train harder to become the strongest programmer ever!"(limitation of the written word - this should be read in the proper accent...)

I'm tormented with an everlasting itch for travelling to remote destinations, of which the most exotic so far has been Japan. Japanese culture and language have taken hold of my world - from a good cup of matcha tea to an anime session. But fear not, I haven't transformed into otaku... yet.